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I have registered in this forum for an issue that has surprised me enough, to see if someone would be so kind as to clarify the situation a bit. It turns out that they have given me an Innova smartwatch that I am not able to synchronize with my BQ Aquaris X5 phone, two years old. Asking Innova's technical service they tell me that the clock connects as of version 4.2 of Bluetooth. In my mobile I have the version of Android 7.1.2, but the bluetooth version does not appear anywhere.

My son can access the phone perfectly with his mobile, which is new and has version 8 of Android. He linked it without problems and then he untied it so I could keep trying.

Speaking with the technical service of BQ tell me that the X5 is equipped with version 4.1, and that Android updates do not upload the bluetooth version. This last has surprised me. Could someone confirm if it is true that you can have a mobile in Android version 7.1.2 and that the bluetooth is not updated and continue in 4.1? I thought that one thing went parallel to the other ... In that case the watch I'm afraid will have to be returned ... Thank you!

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No, they are two different things. If the clock links from version 4.2 of bluetooth and you have the 4.1 you can not use that clock, at least with that mobile.

If the phone is already two years old as you say it is normal that it can not be linked. The smartwatches are evolving at the same time that the mobiles and their bluetooth versions are becoming more modern ... I'm sorry but with that phone you can not use your smartwatch.


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Thank you! I see that with this mobile it will be difficult to have a "recent" smartwatch. The same I tend to change the phone, which already goes that way. This is a business that you do not see for the manufacturers ...
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