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How to change the battery of iPhone 5

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We show how you can replace the battery of your iPhone more or less easily. It will not be a problem that the life of this has been reduced significantly in recent months, since acquiring a new and replacing as I explained, we can give our your new life, as new.

One of the problems that can cope with the passage of time in our terminal is the loss of battery life, so that after a full charge, pass last us eight hours to have to load it again after a 5 hours . This is a very serious problem as severely limits the autonomy of our terminal and force us to recharge more often.

The best remedy you can put this, is to buy a replacement battery for your iPhone and change by the method you described below. The need to effect change battery guarantees the following material:

Phillips # 00

Pentalobe screwdriver 5 points

suction cup

Opening plastic Spudger

Replacement Battery iPhone 5

Screwdrivers, spludger the windy able to acquire almost any electronics store in your city. The battery will be the most difficult point to find, although there are online stores that sell kits with batteries iPhone 5 and all necessary for replacement material.

  • First, we must ensure that the iPhone is completely off, since I not be could be electrocuted when handling components. Then proceed to remove the screws of 3.6 mm that are located on both sides of the connector terminal Lightning our pentalobe screwdriver 5 points.

Segundo paso del reemplazo de la batería

  • Spend the suction cup on the screen of your phone, just above the button Home of it and together with the plastic spudger opening, we will gradually lifting the screen other components, but without removing it completely, as it will be necessary to disconnect the cable display connection.

Tercer paso de la guía de reemplazo de la batería

  • With an angle of 90 degrees with the rest of the device screen, we will remove the three Phillips # 00 screws, two 1.2 mm and a 1.6 mm to remove the cable connecting the screen and removing this from permanently.

Quitamos los tornillos y procedemos a desconectar el cable de la pantalla

  • After removing the three screws, we use the spudger to remove the cable connection from the phone screen and thus have the same removed completely.

Retiramos los tornillos a la derecha de la batería

  • We remove the two locking screws that are right battery 1.8 mm and 1.6 mm Phillips # 00 and, with the help of spludger withdraw the metal plate that protects the battery to be removed.

Cambiamos la batería y volvemos a hacer los pasos a la inversa

  • Finally we just have to remove the old battery and place the replacement at our terminal. Once this is done, we perform all the steps listed above but in reverse order, so that everything is in place and properly connected.

    We hope you have been useful this tutorial and for any questions, you can leave a comment or write us a tweet. Now to enjoy the second life of your phone.

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