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The battery on my iphone 5 is consumed 7-8 hours without much use. Help !!!


I tell you, I have an iphone 5 Bleach (not really know terms of use), and the question is that the battery is consumed so bestial, more or less in about 8 hours, and I'm someone I consider myself very thrifty, since almost never have put mobile internet calling or playing in the cell, the thing is that I went to change the battery (not to an Apple store) and I have been here 3 times and still the same problem, do not know if is that I need to go to an Apple store to me the change, or restore the factory cell via Itunes, I dunno, I'm so lost, someone has been the same, Thank you in advance !!!! :)

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looking for an app for the battery, I will make me your battery is already one foot in the cemetery,
or as they say here
The battery of an unlocked iPhone can be quickly depleted due to a combination of applications that consume resources, popup notifications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth consuming resources simultaneously. An adjustment to the modified features of your iPhone or reboot usually fixes the problem, since an application or disabled feature reduces the total amount of battery. If your iPhone was functioning normally before unlocking a complete restoration will be required to correct the problem if the battery continues to deplete after reboot.
or tell us here another
Revive the battery of your iPod or iPhone
"The batteries do not die, they just need to resurrect or make RFSR or what is the same, Recharge Forced No Surrender. And that recently relived my iPod touch, after more than two years without recharging and oblivion.
As Apple says in the instructions, if you keep one of your saved devices, it is advisable to leave 50% of their charge so that the battery does not die. And so it is recommended; but if by accident, neglect, loss or cualquiero reason is downloaded long the battery will die indeed.
The symptoms are bothersome, since a full charge will not last 3 hours, you will see that is downloaded in its entirety. Much worse when you stop to rest, spending more than three hours you will see that you have downloaded and you have to reload. But if no solution is in logic; back to remind battery duration and performance; revive it.
And how achievement? It is very simple. Do not give up raising him, use it, upload, download using it (I left repoduciendo in low volume for connected days), let it charge overnight, use it until the battery runs out, etc. and preferably do this cycle every 3 days. then do it daily. You will see that the passage of a month ... phew IF ONE MONTH! maybe a little less battery back to normal, and even pays even more and it seems that this technique and renews recharge the battery when the device when it was new.
This technique seems a bit rustic or archaic, but works great as my iPod Touch after more than two years in the drawer; Pure return to normal with new energy and excellent battery renewed. This advice is if an ipod or iphone get your hands with dead battery, do not change, first try this.

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Hi! It happens to me as well. Since I upgraded to iOS 7.1 does not last me one assault. I've already done everything mobile, since calibrate the battery, reset the iPhone and nothing. I have never put Locator function, I have auto brightness off, always close all applications but is useless. I took the official Apple service in my town and as I had already asked a diagnosis through an email they sent me to phone him and just looked out it was some app ... in theory is the Facebook but do not know. ..tener a mobile without such essential application ... the fact is that in the end it ended up being Movistar it is assumed that it is in the second year of warranty, but from what I read in the forums, does not cover the battery. ..¿alguien know anything about this issue ?. They have not told me anything, I took him three days ago but I try to be proactive ... Has anyone had this problem and has taken it to the store ?. I read that everything is a result of iOS7, I wonder if it is true and if it can be grounds for a claim to replace the battery without charging me. I think a bitch to be charged a paste as expensive phone and then wash their hands so happily. To me I are removing the desire to trust Apple.
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