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How to Solve 800c0019 Error Windows Phone 8.1 (network error, does not connect the account microsoft)

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1) Restore your WP to the factory settings by following steps:
a) Configurations
b) About
c) Restore factory settings
d) a message notifying you that this action will delete all the data appear, tap yes if already saved your files
e) other anger message appears asking if sure, tap Yes.
Now wait for it to restore and go to the next step.
2) after the phone started, through the first settings (request their account of MS, but as yet solved the error, touch ignore this step) follow these steps:
a) Configurations
b) Date + time
c) the date and time automatically option is enabled, disable it and reset manually.
3) Ready! Now just plug your account and breathe relieved that your smartphone will not need to go for service: D
If Please helped you a liked in this area, so that others with the same problem will resolve from it.
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