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Good night, to see if someone can help me. My problem is basically that the application that comes from the factory to make photos and videos with the Huawei does not take photos or videos with any of the two.
I can open it but when I want to press to make the screenshot, it does not respond I have looked in the application settings and it is activated the click to capture.

However applications like instagram or snapchat if they do the photographs and videos, with the front and rear camera, so I guess it will be due to some flaw in the permissions of the application or something like that.

The case is that when I bought the phone if it worked, but after an update that was fat I do not remember if it was the emui 3.0 to 4.0, that postpone everything I could. I've been working with the other options but I've had enough.
I currently have the Emui 4.0 Android 6.0 version ALE-L21C432B584

I do not have active Huawei identity will that be why? Frankly I do not want to give away more than what is strictly necessary to the company, my privacy, so before trying if that is the problem to see if someone has had it.

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Hello you can try two things to see if it is solved.
The first would be to go to the application manager, all tab and search the app "camera" and you give to clear cache, delete them and force detention in that order and restart device. See if the flute sounds as they say.
That would be the simplest and least aggressive method. If it does not work you should try to reset it to factory state, since it has excited you to fail after updating and failures of many types occur after an update.
A greeting.

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