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my problem is this:
I currently own a huawei p9 lite with the version VNS_L21C432B380, some time ago I received the notification informing me that there was an update available. I went to the section to update system and was this update, after installing this, everything was correct was in nougat and had the layer of emui 5.0 at that time I went to see if the camera had the same functions as before and if it was in the camera was perfect but then I went back to the update-settings and saw that there was another update to install it and at the end I went to the camera section and opened it entered in a loop opened and closed while it was black. I would like you to help me with my problem, thanks.

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hello go to settings .... applications ... look for the camera start .. enter into memory and delete the cache or the data of cam .. then get out of there yea the camera and return open if you open them 2 bed solved if one of them fails you it will give you the same error again do the same as at the beginning ... if the fault persists change the firware via ota. if it does not merge like this, it would be necessary to dismantle and check if a knock has been disconnected .... some or it is damaged,

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