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Hi, I do not know if this question is in this category, but good.

A couple of hours ago I had problems and by mistake disable the video memory from the BIOS (it was my mistake, I know) I restarted the PC and when trying to enter the BIOS, the screen went black. It only happened when I tried to enter the bios. But now the problem is that the keyboard does not turn on either (it is not damaged) it stopped turning on the light from one moment to the other.
I read in forums that removing the RAM and replacing it after a few minutes, the BIOS configuration would be restored and it would be solved, I tried and it remains the same. I do not know what to do.

Please I need help.

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Hello, what works, but it has an easy solution, it would be removing the battery from the PC board. Take these steps

  • Disconnect the power cable from the PC and if it is portable remove battery and power cord.
  • You open the PC or Laptop and look at the plate for the battery.
  • Remove the battery and wait 5 minutes. With that you reset the board.
  • When turning on you should be able to enter normal BIOS and you will have to set the correct time as well.
  • I hope this helps you and I will solve it.

And tell me.

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