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I want to buy it, but has Android 2.1 Eclair, then I read that you can upgrade to 2.2 . So I wonder if anyone has used it, and if you can tell me your opinion, thanks!

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out there. I got it wrong but in my case is movilnet the data signal is malisima. other defect that bring headphones are not available, not tcuenta the home button, the screen feels delicate. Pros: price, screen (for the size), the optical pad (good text edits), speaker, and finally the course wifi po q have not seen it.

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Thanks Connor  then the data signal does not work?. Well, anyway, the places I'm always jejejejeje have WiFi. The headphones never hear music on cell phones and the Home button for it is the hanging I take you to start and go. As the screen feels delicate, please explain to me a little :)
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forgive me if I made you wait, I'm going to be on the other week 1 month with this phone and other really bad thing is the battery does not last long but I've been wondering if there is another battery that fits him and me more energy. apology for what I meant wifi the wifi N not I vist, they told me q is disabled but you can say for sure. the display is delicate but has 2 tactile dots at least I played solitaire and the screen seems a little slow to reponder with this game. When taking photos I've seen that pose much clear image noise is not a nokia. secondary camera is poor. They said out there that will come the upgrade to froyo but I doubt these Chinese are not trustworthy. for the price i like more my galaxy spica um840 q since the latter comes with 1.5 and has no legal rom 2.2.
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I have it from a few days ago , it seems a good phone , bad is movilnet signal in some places, but if you have access to wifi solves the problem , not that eclair and froyo will have differences , but so far it went well, the headphones are not very good , but you can place a normal because the connection is always universal , not fine .
it is best that applications are overwhelmingly free and good majority, the screen seems very good , I see no flaws and so the home button , as you say, it is not necessary , also with the button on / off can turn and lock the screen.
The package has two rubber liners , SD 2Gb , promotional bag movilnet ecological , Headphone , charger and usb cable which is also used for the charger .
the data signal is used , fine, but where the signal is hard fast HSDPA internet but not everywhere is as good coverage.
I recommend that if you get to buy , I will go down as the Opera Mini browser and the hair to stay .
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