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problem starting games "could not initialize graphics system ..."

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already solved, the problem was in the drivers that there was no way of finding an upgrade on any side. I explain how I solved:
Download the latest driver from ati, but instead of that of the portable desktops because portable no.
Download the mobility modder program.
Unzip the driver on the desktop.
on the mobility modder and select the folder where the unzipped driver.
on desktop folder and run the installer ati. Restart, start the game and it worked.

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Users of Windows 8
Press the Windows key.
Click Windows Explorer, and then click Computer.
Click View and then click Options.
Select View, and then click Show hidden files and folders.
Click OK.
Look for the .dat files in the following directory: C: \ Users \% username% \ AppData \ Local% or LocalLow% \ Google \ GoogleEarth.
To move files to the Recycle Bin, click the right mouse button in dbCache.dat and dbCache.dat.index files, select Delete, and then click Yes. These files will be recreated the next time you log into Google Earth.
Search the unified_cache_leveldb_leveldb2 folder.
Click on it with the right mouse button, select Delete, and then select Yes to move it to the Recycle Bin.
If clearing your cache does not resolve the problem, you can try turning off Atmosphere.
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