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How to fix Steam failure Code 51 after starting the game?

I'm trying to play Trine 2 and after him play tells me it can not start the game by the error code 51. Does anyone know what it is and how to solve it?

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Puff idea never occurred to me: / If the game is very new can be for drivers maybe? oO Or maybe they were very just patching the game at that time> - <By the way as will the PC? PD: Aver when you add me to Steam, remember that I was interested in comparing FPS! As I said I think my PC does not give me the performance I should have: / Greetings

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it is when steam has an update. just shut computer off and restart then restart steam. worked for me.
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Actually, the mistake was solved 51 When I edited my config file and changed my fov to 55 and September directx = auto
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