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I have tried in various ways to upload videos in 2160p and I find it impossible with my s9 +. I have changed the option of Upload Quality to "Original" in the Youtube application and still the most it reaches is 1440p at 60 fps.

In the properties of the videos in the gallery it appears that they are actually recorded at 3840x2160.


(In chrome and in firefox the maximum resolution that appears to me is 1080p at 60fps)

I have tried to upload them at least 5 times, even taking them from the mobile to the computer desktop and uploading them by hand to YouTube and even with those.

Does anyone think I can be doing wrong?

Thank you

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I think YouTube takes a while to process the video until it can be displayed in 4k, meanwhile it reproduces it at a lower quality, can it be that and you have to wait a bit?
Or did you upload it long ago? Let's see if some compi that knows well helps you ...

A greeting!

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Thanks for answering. I uploaded the videos several days ago so in principle I should have already processed both. Indeed, YouTube does what you say but having spent almost 5 days should be seen in the resolution it touches. I do not understand why it does not work.
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