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Hello, my problem is I can not watch YouTube videos from my tablet with Android 4.1.2.
The connection requires a proxy number that have introduced previously. I can navigate web pages without problem, but every time I try to watch a YouTube video gives me "Error 407: A problem has occurred with the network '. As I found out this type of error it is related to the proxy. The funny thing is that from a Windows PC and an iPad if you let me.
Any idea how I can fix it? Thank you.

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Hi I really do not know if could work but it occurs to me the following.
1.revisa first your proxy server if you have the proper settings.
2.desinstala the update and try to see.
3.instala the update.
4.restaura the system as if it came from the factory
5.si will not test this.
6.si did not work anything like that the most likely problem is that developers thing smells like that if so you would have to wait for the next version.
or to save all of the above that you can access from chrome youtube problem even if the experience can be uncomfortable at first
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