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I deleted my text message from my samsung and ı want to retrieve them again please help me ?

they are very important for me

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The Samsung mobile phones are popular for their elegant appearance, but aesthetics do not stop pressing the wrong button and delete an important text message . If you has happened, then you can retrieve it from your Samsung mobile phone with a simple purchase .

  1. Buy a kit SIM card recovery , which are available on websites and spy gadgets , such as BrickHouseSecurity.com or directly from the manufacturer in Dekart.com .
  2. Install the software on your computer by inserting the disk that came with the kit and following the instructions in the setup wizard.
  3. Remove the SIM card from the phone . Removes the back of the housing and looking white rectangular piece of foil placed inside a small metal support . Lift the bracket and slide the card.
  4. Place the card into the USB card reader device that is included in the kit.
  5. Connect the USB cable to your computer .
  6. Starts the software , go to the "File " menu and select " Download text messages ."
  7. Retrieves selected messages by right-clicking on messages in red and select " Restore."
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Recover deleted messages texts Samsung Note / Galaxy S6 / S5 / S4 / S3 / S2

I had a Samsung Galaxy S4, but when I delete text messages from my S4, I deleted some other messages. They are large enough for me. How can I get these messages back? Is it always so? Some can give help? Thank you very much!

Many people said they could not live without their phone now. You know, the phone can help people stay in touch easily, provide vital information in a timely manner and it also works as a removable storage devices that store various files, such as videos, music, photos, text messages, etc. However, the data stored in the mobile phone is really safe? Not exactly. Once you accidentally delete important data from your phone, such as text message conversion 2 years between you and your girlfriend, it will cause you much trouble. Thus, it is urgent to find a way to help recover these deleted text messages.

Can I go back deleted text messages from my Android phone?

Unlike other storage devices, Android phones save SMS and contacts in the specific file system. The deletion will not wipe the actual data because the system just brand as a deleted state and deleted messages become invisible and inaccessible.At this point, if you stop immediately send or receive messages with your phone and timely to find a data recovery tool to help extract the invisible messages, SMS recovery possibility is quite high. There are lots of Android available on the web management tools, but recovery tools are rare. Let the professionals only. But do not panic! This passage indicates a path.

The new upgrade iPubsoft Android Data Recovery (8/7 for Windows / XP) or Android iPubsoft Data Recovery for Mac if it is fully capable to recover lost and deleted messages Note or Samsung device Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3 / S4. You can also use it to recover deleted contacts, photos, videos and more from almost all cell phones Samsung and other Android-based phones. As Android data recovery tool well-reviewed worldwide, it is completely safe and effective. Free download and install on your Mac or Windows computer.

Download Windows Versiondownload the Mac version

Deleted SMS Recovery Steps Samsung

Download and install the software on your computer depending on the system you use. Then you can follow the steps below to get your text messages back.

Step 1: Connect your Samsung phone to your computer

After getting the recovery software installed on your computer, double-click the program shortcut icon to launch and you will see the main window as below. Connect your Samsung phone to the computer via USB

Note: The Android Data Recovery Software is compatible with all Android-based devices, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Google, Motorola, Huawei and so on.


Step 2: Enable USB debugging on your Samsung phone

You must enable USB debugging on your phone before scanning. If you did before, you can take the next step.

(1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings"(2) For applications of 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings"(3) for Android 4.2 or later: enter the "Settings"

Once the USB debugging is enabled, click "Allow" on your phone to allow the authorization of the program super user root when a request is displayed.

Step 3: Scan the deleted SMS on your Samsung phone

After setting the USB debugging, the program will automatically detect your phone and perform a quick san on your phone. When the scan is complete, all the files in your Android phone, including those removed, will be found and you can preview the deleted messages in detail.


Step 4. retrieve deleted messages from your Samsung phone

Mark text messages you want to recover and begin to export to your computer by clicking the button "recover". Ok, you have recovered your deleted text messages. Congratulations! Never forget to introduce the software to retrieve the SMS to more Android Android users who are in trouble of losing text messages from their phones.

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