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When we buy a new Android device we find that comes with many preinstalled applications .Manufacturers and operators leverage to add your own applications and even game demos that in some cases can not be uninstalled.

How can we uninstall these preinstalled applications on android?

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These applications can not be uninstalled like other applications downloaded from Google Play or other sources that have been added as system applications. To remove factory applications need to have our rooted device , even if you have Android 4.0 or higher can disable these applications without being root .

Android 4.0 added the ability to easily disable most applications that come standard on our Android device without being root, provided they are not essential to the proper functioning of the terminal. To disable an application just have to see information for that app (Settings> Applications> All) and disable it. The system does not erase the internal memory but will remove the application launcher and stop running in the background if it did. It's like uninstall but leaving a copy in memory if we then re-enable it for reuse.

Uninstall system applications on Android

If you have a device with an earlier version Ice Cream Sanwich or simply want to uninstall an application completely factory and we need to have a rooted device . We need to remove the application from the folder / system / apps from a file browser or application that can access that folder system. Then see how some applications are deleted from:

The known file browser ES File Explorer will remove applications system from the "Root Explorer" found in your sidebar. By accessing this option we will have several options and choose "Uninstall system app". When we see the list of applications only have to press for a couple of seconds on the application you do not want and when marked give uninstall. It is always recommended to make a backup in case you accidentally remove a system application .

Titanium Backup , aside from being able to backup of all our applications, it also allows us to remove the factory installed applications. In "Backup / Restore" click on the application to remove and give it to uninstall.

With Root Explorer , which has only payment application to 3.59 euros, can remove these applications accessing the system / app folder, activating the (Mount R / W) write mode and pressing for a couple of seconds on the implementation in question.

Another way to remove these applications is to Root Uninstaller is a program that will show all the applications you have installed, showing red which are prompt and pressing on them us the option to uninstall appears. In all cases it is recommended to make a backup of the applications if we have to re-install them.

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