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How to do android silent mode at night,  programmatically, alarm , not working, exception, alarm clock, turns itself off, no vibration?

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Since the Nexus and some Motorola (listing expand) are getting the final upgrade to Android Lollipop, we will begin to see minimum changes Google and the team behind this great redesign has done in the operating system. On the one hand added the Battery Save Mode and secondly modify the way of using the silent mode on Android Lollipop .

In Android KitKat the way to silence our device is as simple as pressing the volume button down and in doing one more completely you silence your team is not in vibrate mode, turn off the sounds completely. However, the silent mode on Android Lollipop works differently because if we make the same process the team down the volume completely but remains on vibrate Why is now well and how solves fail?

Do not disturb the silent mode on Android Lollipop

Notification Priority Android Lollipop


If you want your Android 5.0 phone is in silent mode Lollipop can do it, but with this update Google gives us more options than before the exploit could only third-party applications as Shush! . For example, decide how long you want the phone is silent, it may be an hour or two and turn the sound automatically. If you want complete silence you can activate silent mode indefinitely, where even the alarms work.

So how do we use it?

  • Click on the volume button and you abaj priority options notifications appear if you click on No you can choose the behavior.
Silent Mode Android Lollipop

Enable silent mode by time or indefinitely without vibration

  • If you click on the option Indefinitely with an arrow downwards, a menu where you can choose the time of silence will be displayed, you can choose from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

Notification Priority Application

In silent mode, when you press the volume button below you will see three options: do you reach No application notifications, only you marked as priority and all so that nothing will escape.


Assigning priority notifications to customize the silent mode

To add priority notification to an application you can do it quickly from displaying the notification center and leave your finger on the notification, the color change and an icon indicating information will appear blank. Click on the information option you can turn the notification priority option for this application, since that moment when choosing priority applications will only show that you have marked.

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