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Hello, such a good afternoon, I would like to ask for your help to solve my blocking problem, since my Huawei phone was updated to version 5.0 of EMUI ...
the problem is that when I try to unlock my phone I was shown a photo and when I slid it to the sides to unlock it appeared to insert my pin and now it does not happen ... when I go to the unlock screen sends me directly to the pin and You can not see anything from my picture ...
Another problem I found was that I no longer have the option to hide the contents of my applications on the blocking screen, everything that they send me appears ...
If someone could help me, I will be totally grateful ...

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When updating it you have lost the configuration, you will have to reconfigure it as you had before and it is already ... try and tell us

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In settings you have the option to unlock and keys.

There you can choose unlock by images (or maybe you prefer the "unlock screen style" option).

I have removed all subscriptions and added my photos. Now I no longer see the default photos, but the ones I have set
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