I can not get out of the Beta Oreo program

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asked Jan 7 in Android by anonymous

Good Morning.

I signed up to try the beta of oreo. After several days in which even with the Beta 2 the battery became like in nougat (much worse in Oreo) I have returned to nougat.

Now I skip the Beta update without stopping.

Supposedly, in samsung member it indicates how to leave the beta, but it is impossible, because that option does not appear. Do you know how to do it?

1 Answer

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answered Jan 7 by anonymous

Block this with BK Disabler ......

- Update software (com.sec.androi.soagent)
- Update software (com.wssyncmldm)
- SysScope (com.sec.android.app.sysscope)
Then in the settings app you can dial a 1 telling you about this update ..... Leave the App clicked and click to remove alarms ...... Ready ...
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