Make clean restoration (from scratch)

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asked Jan 7 in Android by anonymous

Good afternoon mates.

When I upgraded my iPhone 6s Plus to iOS 11.2 it seemed that the battery and keyboard were already working well at last (updated by OTA). Now after a few days with this version, I see that everything goes back to practically the same as before, the keyboard with some improvement but the annoying lags follow and the battery also falls faster than the account.

The question is, do you think that with a clean restoration and from scratch (without backup) these problems will be solved?

Thanks in advance and greetings!

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answered Jan 7 by anonymous

It may solve the problem a bit if you restore from scratch and configure how a new iPhone is more recommended.
commented Jan 7 by snorf
Thanks for answering partner. In the end I did the complete restoration from scratch (no copy) and it seems that it is much better hehe. What happened to me was a strange thing with notes, when I opened it for the first time, when I synchronized the notes, it closed with a bang bringing me to the desk. Then it worked without any problems to date (like the rest of things). Has anyone happened this with the Notes application?
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answered Jan 7 by anonymous
I never had this with the application notes, after a clean restoration everything is always good.
commented Jan 7 by anonymous
Well, the fact is that it has not closed again. Now everything works fine.
Thanks for everything hehe.
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