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For what it's worth my phone is a Huawei G300 with android 4.0.3 I want to use applications or type runtastic and Endomondo gps is rather vague (transfer buildings, I cross a street when not hize).

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How to Improve the performance of your Android GPS


1: Calibrate the compass of your Android

Not all devices have the same sensors and GPS antennas and some of them can have many problems to connect with GPS satellites that should position them.

In some cases these problems can have their origin in the device's own construction, the operating system configuration or the positioning software.

Let's go step by step to solve problems, until your GPS works perfectly.

One of the most common problems in Android GPS is the incorrect calibration of the compass of your smartphone that simply does not mark your position accurately.

To calibrate your Android's compass, install the GPS Status & ToolBox app available on Google Play.

Then touch the screen and a bar appears at the top.

In it, touch on the wrench and in the menu that appears, touch on Compass Calibration .

Then rotate your smartphone twice, as steadily as possible, around each of its three axes. Also calibrate the slope and slope of the sensor.


2: Optimize your GPS location

After making sure your Android's compass is set correctly , it's time to optimize the location for the GPS connection to be faster .

In many cases, manufacturers apply GPS adjustments for use in Asian or American countries, although they will later be used on the opposite side of the world.

You can modify this configuration using an app that surprises for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Why does GPS consume so much battery of the smartphone?

  This app is called GPS Spain and is available on Google Play. The only requirement is to be root user and have BussyBox installed on your Android.

When you start it, you will see the Off button . Click on it to apply the changes to the configuration and restart your device.

If you do not live in Spain or plan to travel to other countries using the GPS of your smartphone , you can use the GPS Fixer app from the same developer, which gives you the necessary adjustments to make your GPS work properly in a number of other countries.

If you want to return to the original settings of your smartphone, just tap on On and restored.


3: Improve the GPS of your smartphone with MediaTek CPU

If your device has a MediaTek processor, you will have suffered first-person problems with the GPS location of this chip. To fix this, start by installing the MobileUncle MTK Tools app  from Google Play.

Then go to the Engineer Mode menu and tap on Engineer Mode (MTK) .

Then, go to the Location tab and tap on Location Based Service .

Now check the Enable EPO and Auto Download boxes and click on the EPO (IDLE) button . This will activate the download of the new configuration.

When the download is complete, go back and tap on the YGPS option . Then, go to the Information tab and click on the Hot , Full and AGPS restart buttons .

At the end of all these steps, the GPS settings of your Android will have changed.

Reboot your device so that all changes are applied and the new settings can start working.

4: Check the GPS connection with the satellite

After completing each of these tips to improve the accuracy of your GPS , you will need to confirm that the GPS connection of your Android has improved with the new settings. To do this install GPS Test app  from Google Play.

Then, let the GPS of your Android locate the satellites and show you the quality and precision of the connection with each one of them.

Use the SNR indicator to find out which ones have the best connection .

With the Skyview view you can see the position of these satellites.

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You can change the file that governs the GPS. Instead of using the generic file, you can use in your country and the truth is that it shows more refined.
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How is FIX apply?
Make a copy of the gps.conf file located in the folder / system / etc on your cell phone. This is why if you want to reuse the original file in the future.
Download the GPS FIX (Update 8 NTP servers) in http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17383148/GPS_mod (8NTP). Zip and save it in the internal memory of the phone.
Reboot the cell phone in recovery mode and install the previously downloaded file.
Restart your cell phone.
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