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How is it possible that an iPhone with 1GB of RAM to behave better than Android devices with 2 or more GB of RAM?

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Apple Many will criticize the decision of continuing to 1 GB of main memory on mobile devices. Only the last iPad Air 2 has made the leap to 2 GB of RAM, but the iPhone still hold that gigabyte loner who seems to know a little.
The reason is obvious: all competitors in the high range has long exceeded that figure and long terminal Android manufacturers have integrated at least 2 GB of RAM. What is the reason that the iPhones still continue to offer great fluidity and performance? The secret is, attention, in the trash.
Garbage Collector
And more specifically, the garbage collection mechanism that allows Java recycle released to go assigning it to other processes memory. The dependence of Android in Java is important, but for the Android experience is seamless more memory is needed in a system that does not need that mechanism garbage collection and recycling of RAM.

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