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One of the most purchased Samsung models is still the Samsung Galaxy J, since they are good phones and quite affordable price, so many people have them and use them every day.

Solution to PC that does not recognize a Samsung J7

Why my computer does not recognize my Samsung J phone
However, many have had problems with these devices to connect to the computer because when this occurs "Can not recognize the USB device" either in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 so we will show you the possible solution to your problems.

For all these models you can do this, since basically this problem arises in the devices and computers that do not have the USB Drivers or Drivers installed, so they are very necessary if you want this to be able to recognize and use in the computer, since either to pass music, or to keep things in your memory.

PC does not recognize Samsung Galaxy J7

The easiest way to do this is through the Smart Switch application from Samsung, as this is a recommended application for Samsung phones that have the version of Android 4.4 onwards, which allows self-manage and manage the device, even has functions that they allow us to back up our files, pass music easily, make a backup copy and one of the most used Update the Software to its most recent version.

download from here

This application is compatible with all models of Samsung Galaxy J7 even with the oldest since they all come with a version superior to Android 4.4 in its operating system.

In case you have the USB drivers installed and still do not recognize and show the message that the USB device is not recognized, you should check the charging PIN or USB port of the device as many of them happen to be loose or it can be desoldered and is the reason why it is not recognized when connecting to the PC.

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It's so easy with my new J7!  I wish I'd had this phone never!
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Enable USB debugging in the phone seting,then connect your phone with PC again.

You can also try another port to see, or through the WIFI connection, a data assistant tool is supported.

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