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My PC does not recognize the Samsung Galaxy S3 via USB, drivers are not found? Solution!

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Who the Samsung Galaxy S3 with his computer wants to connect via USB, which may, for example, happen in Windows 7 that this will not recognize it. An error message could, for example, be: "Device Not Recognized" or "driver could not be installed."
What can try it now, so you still have to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to the PC and then access the internal memory or Samsung Kies can use? We you present here two approaches on how to get this non-recognition via USB under control.
1. The easiest way and what you should definitely try the first thing is that you separate the Samsung Galaxy S3 from the USB cable and off. Wait about three minutes and then goes back to the Galaxy S3. Is the smartphone fully booted again, this reconnects with the USB cable. Now the PC should connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 by installing the correct drivers. Gravel and mass storage access should now not be a problem.
If you do, Solution # 2 tries ->
2. Separates the SGS3 back of the USB cable, to your PC
Now open in your Samsung Galaxy S3 settings by on their applications from the Home Screen -> Settings goes.
Sets the fields below developer options check "USB Debugging" and confirmed the subsequent information message with "OK"
Now connects the Samsung Galaxy S3 again via USB cable to the computer. By now, the PC should recognize the phone.

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