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How to solve "could not be downloaded due to an error (-101)" on my Android Galaxy S3 smartphone?

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What we recommend in almost all forums Android for this error is going to Applications, and opening one by one, Downloads, Google Play Store and is called Google Services Framework (or Services Platform Google) and 3 cases play " Force Stop "," Clear Data " button and presents us down to" Empty Cache ". Do it in all three applications, and immediately after power cycle the device. After turning it on again, now try to download.

If that was not resolved, recommend repeating the process EVERYTHING but before restarting the computer, go to Settings, Accounts, and delete our Google account settings. After turning on the computer, we must reshape our Google account before attempting downloads. But it should work if you follow these steps to the letter.

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Settings \ Applications \ All: for the Google Play Store, Google Services Framework and Services Google Play do: stop, delete data, delete, update, clear the cache.
Settings \ Accounts \ Google account to sync settings, remove all ticks.
Restart the device.
Immediately after reboot, Settings \ Accounts \ Google and put a tick back (when a timing error not paying attention).
Restart the device.
P.S. Just try to connect through a different type of connection (3G <-> Wi-Fi)
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