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How to take a screenshot on nokia lumia?

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Never mind that ye be not talking about specialized mobile applications and like us, certainly more than once you have to get some screen capture app or game on your mobile phone . And this, although it might seem really simple, not always what is taking different ways to get in certain systems.

For example, iOS has always been very simple (Home + Power button). In Android was standardized fromHoneycomb , becoming, as a rule,Power + Volume Down . Within Blackberry has not been complicated, the same occurring in the case of Blackberry 10 . But what about Windows Phone ? Well, in version 7 and 7.5 was appalling getting screenshots, needing release the phone or get a developer account to install an app out soon. Although, fortunately, Windows Phone 8 is really simple and can take advantage of it all Nokia Lumia with this system.

How to take screenshots on the Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8

From the latest Nokia Lumia 1020 Nokia Lumia 925 to the metal , via the most economical family: the Nokia Lumia 620 and the cheaper Nokia Lumia 520 : capture all access the same screen simply and quickly. Also all terminals other than Nokia Lumia and keep version 8 operating system, with the HTC Windows Phone 8X and cheap HTC Windows Phone 8Stwo fortunate to have this combination of buttons. Which is as follows:

  • We can be in lock screen in an application, game or menu: You can capture screen either.
  • Only need to press " Power + Home ".
  • A long press release screenshot, sounding a shutter click and clouding the screen with accent color that we have configured.
  • All screenshots go to the same album folder " / images ".
  • Once we have them on the album, we may share or edit easily capture screen.

You see, the method to capture the screen in Windows Phone 8 could not be simpler, with something strange that Microsoft would not have implemented since the beginning of this system. Although it is always appreciated that integrate, without it was too late.

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