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How to reset the Nokia Lumia 900?

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Nokia Lumia 900 is a smartphone from the Nokia brand that has Windows Phone 8 operating system If surgan performance problems you do not know how to solve, there are two ways to reset the Nokia Lumia 900 and return to their original settings manufactures.
How to reset the Nokia Lumia 900?
The first method is reset Soft Reset. This option is the most simple, as it restarted the device without deleting any phone content. To perform this reset will have to press the Volume key down while the Power key until the phone vibrates three times. When this happens you must drop vibration buttons and automatically restart.
If the first option does not work, there is a second way to reset called Hard Reset. In this option if all data will be erased cell, therefore it is recommended to back up your important data.
For the Hard Reset is recommended that the device is plugged in and if possible with the battery fully throughout the process.
After you've completed the steps above, you have to turn off the phone and it simultaneously press the Volume Down and Power buttons Chamber, until it vibrates. After the vibration will be releasing only the Power key, keeping the two remaining tight for 5 minutes. Thus resetting your Nokia Lumia 900 will be made.
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