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I enter the  APP STORE with my ID and download any application is paused or running around but I never download the application and all this has happened to me since I installed ios 8 that did not happened to me .. Does anyone know what can you do? Please help .. I need a Iphone 5S 
Thank you very much!

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Must be down the Apple download server because the Mac AppStore not working either. Calma. Apple will be error;)
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I'm just a 2 iphone 6 is in the house ..... from about 4 days ago no way to download apps or update them from the iphone ..... the only solution so far is to download them directly from itunes on the computer and sync the iphone .... let to slash his wrists .... 
Go iOS8cloth :-(
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Do this for your apple magic, the release on iTunes and then synchronize .. well, I suppose it says error as apple ..
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