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How to disable autoplay videos on Facebook 

Disable Autoplay Video Facebook in Android 

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1-As already become customary in this network, many of the changes that are unpleasant for Facebook users on the grounds, sometimes invasive and annoying. This is the case of the automatic play videos that is activated when we surf our timeline. 

Fortunately, this feature can be disabled, to get the first step is to enter your Facebook account. 
2-Once inside you press the arrow on the top right side to expose the options panel. You must choose the "Settings" option. 
3-In the options panel on the left, you must choose the alternative "Videos" for disable automatic playback videos on Facebook. 
4-Once there, you'll see a notice that states that the changes you make regarding the autoplay videos will be effective only on your computer. Click the date and give the option to disable. 
5-Ready! Following these simple steps you will get disable autoplay videos on Facebook from your computer. 

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