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How to Install Ubuntu 14.04 the easy way

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When a server is started in the Linux community, hear about Ubuntu Linux meant to mention, with this I mean that is such extension Ubuntu, many users have a tendency to think that is the same as Ubuntu Linux. This error usually commit because the distribution of the guys from Canonical is the best known among the community of free software. 
In these last days has left ready to download the new version of this popular distribution. This version has the peculiarity, as usual every 2 years, be a LTS version, ie, have extended support for 5 years. 
How already proposed to see the beta, in this article you can see the new version brings and today we will show you how to upgrade from other distribution or installing the system from scratch.
Upgrade from another version 
If you are a regular user of any of the distributions that make Ubuntu (Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Core, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu Studio, Xubuntu and Lubuntu) you can upgrade directly from any of these to the latest version . 
My recommendation is that if you are using a version prior to Ubuntu 13.10, placing an installation from scratch, because although you can go up from version to version, what you do is to start creating data releases that may not be used in the latest version and unnecessarily occupy space on your hard drive, but if you still want to upgrade all we have to do is: 
Go upgrading from version to version up to version 13.10, to update what we do through the Ubuntu Update Center or getting into the terminal console the following commands:
  • sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  • Once you're in Ubuntu 13.10, repeat the same procedure to upload to Ubuntu version 14.04.


Perform a clean installation 
From my point of view this is the best option as installing from scratch, delete the residual files from other versions. When wanting to run this option, all you must do is: 
Burn our distribution previously downloaded from this link on a DVD or on a USB stick (you can use this tutorial if you know how). 
Start the computer and change the BIOS settings for our team to start from the middle where we copied our distribution. 
After starting our installation and only have to follow the steps for installation perform any installation of Ubuntu. 
I must be honest and say it's worth upgrading to this version and enjoy the benefits of being a LTS version that is constantly evolving. If you want a version with the best support available, this is your version from now on.


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