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Hello good evening everyone. 
I have a little problem .... I installed win7 64-bit, and decided to change or rather install ubuntu 13.04 64 bit on an extra partition you not win7. I did all the correct steps: 
I did my / boot, then: I did my swap, then: /, then Home, Reproduce tutorials Ubuntu while installing .... but what would actually look etas pictures: 
Explain something: The partition "C" was 47 GB free, nearly 47 GB, and take from there about 27 GB, reducing space partition "C", I did it right there in windows 7, in fact, when I was I installed the UBUNTU, I recognized that I had a gap of almost 27 GB, and there I started doing what the guide told me .... but not boot me: S 
What I can do? 
Would I recommend installing Ubuntu alongside Windows 7, or is it better and faster on a separate partition? 
Another thing, when I espacion reduction of "C" hard drive space you could re-extracted integrate "c", but of a sudden, I came no more that option, clear it before installing UBUNTU .. ... 
Thank you friends again. Esperare prompt response. Passing goodnight.

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Hello sada, it is normal once installed Ubuntu, you have created this program botting (Grub) to boot from Ubuntu or Windows 7. 
Attempts to retrieve the Grub boot Recover GRUB | Linux Tips 
a greeting

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I think the problrma lies in the created partitions, the first 4 Dif- all the free and perhaps the problem that Ubuntu is not installed properly, my advice is space you delete all but the Windows 7 To do this you must first remove them and then we'll resize to unite all that space. 
If once you actually have trouble botear Win 7 you must repair the boot with these instructions, you must have the installation DVD: 
Recover Windows 7 boot | Tricks Windows 7 
Another option would be to use the installation DVD and make a "Startup Repair" to restore the boot: 
Once you have Windows 7 installed correctly you should just create a new partition and tell Ubuntu to install on it, distro create the partitions you need, once installed it should show up at the start the possibility to choose which you want to start with Grub that will be created. 
I have not use Ubuntu so hopefully I can help as much as possible. 
Regards, Kbite 
I edit. What a day I took, I again cross paths with jbex, "never for very bad bread year": rolleyes:
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A doubt or question see if I can help in google I got no exact information. If I install Ubuntu with cn WINDOWS seven, is in the same partition, I affect the speed performance of Ubuntu? I did, but I did not try the truth as I read in some forums, it is better to create a partition specified for Ubuntu with your ext3 extension or 4 pair APODER see the performance of Ubuntu, because if I believe in the same partition the window, ubuntu would be taken as another one installed on windows 7 and the yield would like the windows program. Is it true? 
The seven widows tears out perfect, niggle was that comment. 
Thank you again! .....
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Remember that if you want to install have the option to start with the CD and choose the option to "try without installing" because the buffer is used to remove the CD and everything is as it was. 
When you install you should put that new partition to install to it, Ubuntu will automatically create the necessary partitions, root (/) and swap the home. Sure creating those partitions could do it yourself but this makes installing something, I recommend you leave it to Ubuntu. While you create the dual boot in GRUB to boot you have option to choose the OS either Windows or Ubuntu. 
I'll leave some links that you can copy and paste in browser where you can see very easily both partitioning, installation and other details of interest: 
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Hello again to all. Very grateful for your excellent explanations .... 
Ubuntu very well the truth, but you have dedication, time. I noticed many positive and negative things that end they took me to stay with windows. It is easier. I did what you raised me and worked! but at the end I had to remove it because another user using my pc, and well, he could end up crying lol. 
Thank you friends again. Successes and a big hug! 
They can give the topic as "solved". : D
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Yes, any Linux system departs from what we know of Windows and this means it can be only to users with interest in other ways of doing, spend that spare time in which to find information. The Terminal is one of the things that scares and stops users having to utilzarlo more than you would want, but overall it is an OS reliable if only the price / advanced users who are comfortable and familiar Windows applications are not compatible with Linux. 
Upon your request we close the thread.
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