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Error Code: sec_error_expired_certificate how to fix Error Code: sec_error_expired_certificate

sec_error_expired_certificate how to solve this error

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solution to sec_error_expired_certificate
Well this is a little help to those who can not get into hotmail or gmail. 
I was using ubuntu 10.04 and entering firefox to check my mail in hotmail and what was my surprise q me appeared this: 
The secure connection failed 
login.live.com uses an invalid security certificate 
The certificate is not valid until 05-06-2010 20.00. 
(Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate) 
Error Code: sec_error_expired_certificate 
and a lot of text apparently was not sure the connection and could not see my emails. and then searching I found the answer and the truth is not anything special (as I could have this error !! lol) ... 
This is a failure in one of the two sides of communication, one and mail server Hotmail or Gmail regarding the validity of the key for secure communication (SSL protocol). 
The very simple solution: 
The date of this PC is misconfigured. 
Time zone must also be verified. 
One only has to fix clearly the system date and ready and emails can be entered. 
Hope they serve
try loading page using CTRL+F5, or simply clearing cache.
The problem is easy solution, if you know ... sometimes can be the PC time but in my case the problem is the encryption protocol firefox.
By default, the browser uses SSL 3.0, and if by mistake the TLS 1.0 protocol is also selected, most URLs us this error appear on the page load, because the protocol TLS encryption is characterized by the server is the only one that is authenticated, ensuring its identity, but the client remains unauthenticated because for mutual authentication public key infrastructure (PKI) for customers is needed.
Tools-> Options-> Advanced-> Encryption is the sellection of procolos encryption to avoid these problems, we must be activated only SSL 3.0
Thank you it has worked for me
Thank you, it worked.
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How to solve the security certificate error
This error is the same as "This connection is not verified" can also be read "The security certificate for the site is not trusted", because depending on the browser you are using will present a different error, but the same cause.
In most cases this error is because you have the time or date on your computer misconfigured, because if the server time does not match your computer can have this error, for that reason also not able to access many websites on the Internet so you have to check the first part giving anything right click at the bottom of your screen. If that does not resolve the issue or you already have a properly configured on your computer with another browser test to rule out the probability that a non-issue your browser hour.
If the previous steps the problem is not resolved, it could be that you have to install a security certificate on your computer or the server to which you try to connect is the need to have that installed or configured information. Evidence from a different computer and from other Internet service, if from another PC and from other Internet service have the same problem means the problem is with the server, in this case to access the site only dale click:
"Continue Anyway" if you're using Google Chrome,
"I understand the riegos-> Add to Exception-> Accept" If you're using Mozilla Firefox
"Go to this website (not recommended)" if you're using Internet Explorer
"Click to continue" if you're using Apple Safari
"Click OK" if you are using Opera
Sets the clock to the current date and restarts your browser; this should solve the problem at least I hoped!
what if google doesnt give you that option
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mozila firefox not properly work

Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate)
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The "mistake sec_error_expired_certificate" appears and blocks the active program window.
Your PC crashes frequently with sec_error_expired_certificate Error when running the same program.
"The certificate expired on (date)" is displayed.
Windows runs slowly responds to mouse or keyboard input.
Your computer periodically is "frozen" for a few seconds each time.
These sec_error_expired_certificate error messages may appear during the installation of a program, while Mozilla Foundation programs related software (eg Firefox) running at startup or shutdown Windows, or even during installation of the operating system Windows. Keep track of when and where the error occurs sec_error_expired_certificate information is a critical problem resolution.
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i do not get my net connection easy . but here a problem often showing that is my connect is untrusted
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security certificate for facebook page
facebook, youtube
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error-code-sec_error_expired_certificate come when i open facebook or other website. what i have to do now please help me.


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