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Change / Delete Administrator Password on windows NT windows 2000 and windows 2008 windows 2012 windows xp windows 7  how to Change / Delete Administrator Password

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More than one person has ever happened, forget the Administrator password (or any other user). In addition to prescribing a kilo of raisins for memory, I also recommend considering the following tutorial on how to change or remove the password on a system with Windows XP. 
I imagine there may be many alternative solutions to the problem, but for me this is the most reliable and it worked 100%. 
* CD-ROM Virgin 
* CD-ROM ripper 
* CPU - Intel-compatible (pentium or later) 
* RAM - at least 96 MB 
* Configure the system to bootee with CD-ROM 
The method uses a distribution of Linux called Austrumi runs directly from the CD, so you lose care, nothing is installed on your hard drive. 
Spend by step 
Assume we want to remove the Administrator password, ie, leave it blank. 
NOTE: Each interaction you Austrumi suggests the default in square brackets ([) and runs giving Enter, if another option should type it and then give Enter. 
1 Download the image of the Linux Austrumi (50MB) distribution. 
2 Copy a CD-ROM image downloaded virgin, remember that bootearemos with him.
3 Boot the system Austrumi. 
4 Typing: nt_pass 
5 Enter (select the partition, the default is 1) 
6 Enter (log path, the default is: WINDOWS / System32 / config) 
7 Enter (Edit user and password) 
8 Enter (default is Administrator) 
9 n (password never expires) 
10 * (blank password) 
11 and (confirm the change) 
12! (get out) 
13 q (out) 
14 and (saving) 
15 n (running the application again) 
16 Remove the CD-ROM and reset the system 
NOTE: Upon reboot, the system will verify the integrity of files (chkdsk), so do not panic. 
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