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msdaora.dll what is it how to remove msdaora.dll

I bought the upgrade to windows 8 (29.99 €) here in Spain. I installed from an iso created previously. I was testing and then install empencé compatible programs. In was the first to install ccleaner 64 bit and did limpienza and then register for trouble, I went out several, the deleted creating a backup file. I went back to pass and I get a recording that says delete but not, every time you give me to seek out the same problem. It is what I put as topic title. Call technical support from Microsoft and have no idea what it is. On a forum I read that is a Microsoft program, something like ..... Ace Data Microsoft Ole ..... Oracle. Now I do not remember very well. You know anything about this? It's happened to someone last Ccleaner? 
Thanks and greetings to all fellow members.

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Hello sada. 
The library belongs to mention Oracle and legal: 
msdaora.dll: Microsoft Data Access - OLE DB Provider for Oracle 
CCleaner will surely show it as a false positive, well to be a 64-bit architecture or because the application is not tuned for Windows 8. 
I would recommend putting the dll in the list of "exclusions" of CCleaner so you do not return to the show for disposal: 
Open CCleaner / Options / Exclude / button on the center panel insert the "msdaora.dll" with the path that gives you the cleaner / in the left column click the Add button. 
However, by not using Windows 8, maybe you can give more details or further information
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Thanks for answering. That's exactly what I did, since tuneup 2013 regclean pro nor detected me, and I went back to ccleaner returned him to detect. Then I dialed the right problem and button "I rule" went into options and there was excluded. I no longer went back out. Microsof asked me permission to get in my pc and was told uninstalling the program Ccleaner because it had no support from Microsoft and also uninstalled Avast Free because maybe gave me trouble with that error, I said it was the version 7 and was consistent for 8 His reply was that Windows 8 came with a very good antivirus which is the Windows Defender. I ignored him and continue with Avast. Thanks again for clearing that there is no problem that is a legal program Microsft and there is no danger. 
Greetings. You can give the item as solved.
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Hello mansalvi. 
It is normal and logical to a certain point, that Microsoft bar for your home. If Avast is going well you do not need to change it, it's a good antivirus. 
Regarding cleaners, if you had a problem with CCleaner, you should not have it, I can recommend two free tools in addition to clean registry and junk navigation, you get a choice of "Clean and optimize clicking" are Advanced System Care and Glary Utilities, both trusted. 
I leave a list of compatible programs Windows 8, to be tested, and present no problem: 
We will give the issue resolved and will close by.
Unless you know that you need Oracle for some reason, you can delete it from your PC.
Do not dream that a SPY PROGRAM is going to totally remove itself with it's own
1. Download a program called RegSeeker and use it to search for:


Delete whatever it pulls up under each of those searches.
Make sure you have the  BACKUP check box selected so that you'll
have a backup.
Re-ame the MSDAORA backup by making Oracle the first word in the backup name.
[ You may have to beg ownership on some reg entries by right clicking the entry
 and click on TAKE OWNERSHIP ]

2. Do a search on all of your drives for  ORACLE and another for MSDAORA.

Delete all those files, especially MSDAORA.DLL
You may have to beg your PC for permission.
It's easier to just get a program called UnLocker, install it and then use it by right clicking on the files you want to delete, select UnLocker from the menu, and tell it to delete.
With unlocker, you can delete several of the files at once by high-lighting them and then
right click and select UnLocker, then select DELETE in the popup.

If you get a notice from unlocker saying it couldn't unlock one of the files and if you would like to delete it at next boot, click YES.  Or, click NO and right click the troublemaker and go to SECURITY tab and beg your PC for permission to change the OWNER of the file from TRUSTED INSTALLER to Owner (or whatever your account is).
Sleep restfully tonight knowing that another SPY PROGRAM (cancer) has been excised
from your machine.
Another option is install REVO UNINSTALLER and if ORACLE shows up in the programs list that REVO finds, double click it and tell REVO to remove it.
It will find EVERY instance of an installed program, but BE CAREFUL that you only check mark the entried that APPEAR IN BOLD fonts, otherwise you could take an OS file that might
cripple your PC.

Isn't this FUN FUN FUN, boys and girls?
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