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Error rh-01 in Google Play Store: what it is and how to fix it

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The largest online store for Android is the Google Play Store. Without a doubt, it is easy to find any application or file through this vast information market. Best of all, most of their products are free. Although there are many privileges when acquiring files or paid programs.

If you're reading this, you're probably a frequent user of the Google Play Store. Have you come across something unusual in your last sessions? If you wanted to enter the Play Store and you got error rh-01, it was surely very frustrating. Here we show you how to fix the rh-01 error when entering the Google Play Store .


Solution to error rh-01 when starting Google Play Store

"Error while retrieving information from server", better known as error rh-01, is a data recovery problem. This can prevent you from downloading your apps normally from the Play Store , it can also hinder your login. Without a doubt, it is something very annoying from which it is natural to want to get rid quickly.

Application restart with forced stop

The rh-01 error is caused by some applications that customize ROM memory. This creates errors in the Android operating system , making the Play Store app unreadable. There may also be downloaded applications that are not compatible with the phone. Or there may be malware in it.

Here we show you the steps necessary to fix the error rh-01:

  1. Enter the Play Store and let the error rh-01 appear.
  2. Go to the phone settings and from there to the applications menu. Select "Play Store" to open the application administration menu.
  3. Clear the app cache and wait for the data to be removed.
  4. Tap the option to "force stop app." This will close the last entry and restart the application, which will be free of accumulated data.
  5. If the error still appears, immediately restart the phone. Before opening the Play Store, wait about 5 minutes for the applications to load correctly.

Usually error rh-01 goes away with this procedure. If the problem is not due to some corrupted cached data, it may still appear. In that case, try the following alternatives:

  1. Check device storage space, clear data caches in files and apps. A space manager may be useful for this, although you can also do it from the settings menu.
  2. Delete all data from the Google Play Store application . On some devices this step is necessary to completely remove the app caches.

Fix the error rh-01 of your Google Play Store application

The procedure to remove harmful data from your Smartphone is very simple. In fact, you can schedule a cache cleaning session and frequently used files. Don't forget to completely uninstall all apps that are suspicious of malware or incompatible with your device. This way you make sure that your phone is clean and you can start the applications correctly.

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