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How to remotely unlock a locked iPhone with iCloud?

Remotely unlock a locked iPhone with iCloud

Unlock a locked iPhone with iCloud

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iPhones are known for their incredible security system. Thus, once your Apple brand mobile is configured, it will be protected by the screen password and the iCloud password. Two shields that secure all your information and private data from possible intrusion. But what if you forgot your iPhone passcode?

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to fix this problem . After six unsuccessful attempts to try to enter the correct password, Apple will disable your iPhone for a while and show you a "Try again in 1 minute" or " Connect to iTunes " error message. The only way to unlock your Apple Smartphone will therefore be to reset the device.

There, you will have the choice between several methods. If iTunes is installed on a computer with Windows 8 or later, the process will be more or less simple. All you have to do is plug your device into the computer and wait for it to show up on iTunes. Then click on the Restore iPhone button. Your Smartphone will then erase itself and you will then have the option of using a backup or booting from the factory settings. If you have a Mac computer, instead of iTunes, you will need to use the Finder . Plug your iPhone into your Mac and wait for the mobile to appear in the Finder sidebar. This interface is the same as iTunes and the restore option is also the same.

The second option is to go to Find My iPhone option on iCloud and erase the phone from there. A procedure generally used when the phone is stolen and you need to erase it remotely. But nothing prevents to do it also in this case to erase a locked iPhone if you forgot the passcode. Obviously, you will need your iCloud details to use this method.

The third way is to put your phone in recovery mode . Start by turning it off and then putting it in recovery mode, depending on the model of iPhone you have.

Note that in each of the 3 methods, you have to hold down a button with your finger for a few seconds then release and connect your iPhone to iTunes or Finder. This is of course at this time that you will have the option to update or restore. Select Restore, and the phone will be reset to factory settings. You can then use a backup or restart the device.

Once your iPhone has been erased and reset , using one of the methods above, you will need to set it up again. Use a save or start over. You must also add a new password. To do this, go to Settings, Face ID & Passcode and set up a new code. By default, it will ask for four digits, but you can easily expand it by tapping Passcode Options.

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A few days ago we saw how it is possible to remotely lock a lost or stolen, a new feature of iOS 7 which binds the device to our iTunes account as a requirement to activate again after a restore iPhone. This method can be fantastic for the foreign friends desist in his attempt to steal an iPhone they know they can not sell because it is blocked by its owner. Before proceeding with the item, it is important to make clear that there is no way to unlock an iPhone without the original iTunes account. Without that email and password, there is no way to unlock or Jailbreak or doing any other way, no matter where in the country you are. That iPhone will be locked as soon as you connect to the Internet or not work unless it is restored. No one, not Apple, not a Genius at an Apple Store, you can unlock. 
There are some legitimate cases where this security measure can be a problem, for example if you sell your iPhone and forget to disable Find My iPhone and blocking. In that case, when the new owner to restore it and try to activate it, you will find that you can not. In such cases, whether you are the buyer and you need to unlock it as if you are the seller and ask you to unlock it from home, these are the steps you have to follow;

Entrando en iCloud

There are two ways to release a locked iPhone with iCloud account. From the iCloud.com website you can remove an iOS device or a Mac, your iCloud account. Remove it from your iCloud account allow unlock (ie, resetting the terminal, it can be activated without problems) to nuveo new owner. First let's iCloud.com from any computer or iPad, and use our iTunes account to enter. 
We will then see the list of available WebApps. One is the Find My iPhone.

Versión Web de Buscar mi iPhone

After entering it, and click on All Devices in the top of the screen, see all Apple machines we have registered our iCloud account. We chose the one we want to delete, then click on the link that says Remove get my iPhone. From that moment, the device no longer be blocked.Eliminando iPhone de esa cuenta

The second way is useful if you use other iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the Find My iPhone app, you can download from the App Store by clicking here. 
Finally, we reiterate that there is no way for unlock your iPhone iCloud account if you do not have the credentials of the account that has blocked iTunes. If this is your own and you do not remember your username or password, you must first retrieve something that interests you make sure for many other reasons. If not your own, or if not your iPhone is not worth you at all, it's just a brick, and the best you can do is give it a lost property office or go to a police station and deliver there. Probably the original owner will like find. If you bought it and is locked, but the owner does not want to unlock following the steps in this article, then again the best idea is to go to the police and press charges for fraud that person.
Less about the fraud.. I broke my screen and I need to get into my phone. That's what 90% of the people reading this want. We don't need to be told to report something to the police that's self explanatory
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