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Hi guy, I'm new to this forum and I need help, please. An hour ago, my iPad was inside his black bag fell off the chair to the floor but the drop was not strong. I checked the iPad and nothing happened except that the screen turned red, all icons are visible, the menu, all well but the screen is red. How I can fix it? What do I recommend?Thank you!

ipad screen turned red

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"Uncle, I registered just to give you this, locate the problem, I saw that video, I said" Bleh you will serve, resigned to run out or buy another ipad I did, fuck who served, not, so that tube is me, but I quite a great load off, I hope you serve "
Tested in different cases but the video XD

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It seems incredible but when despair overcomes skepticism all tastes. 
And although it seems surprising pat works. 
I just registered to say thanks.
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thanks for the video, we have a tip more, I wish we all go so lucky
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Hey really works thank you very much, the video was a great help
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