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Well, according to my new LG flasheos, here I leave a tuto how to install ClockworkMod Recovery.
CAUTION: Do not take responsibility for anything that may happen, it is the responsibility of you, what they do with their phones ....!
1 - You must have the rooteado phone, look at this post for rootearlo
2 - install busybox from the market (if not necessary, I will install).
2 - Install from the market the ROM Manager.
3 - You've got to specify that you phone model is, we chose the "LG Optimus One"
4 - confirm SuperUser permissions.
5 - Select Install CWM recovery, waited a few minutes.
6 - Then select "Reboot into Recovery".
If all went well, appear CWM Recovery screen.
Now we can flash phone and make backups, among others ....
Thank costs nothing!

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This is a clear and simple post, the delay in installing the CWM was what it took to think about the team, not much by the way.
Can you tell me where I can get the ROMs to install CWM, Where I can find and compare in order to place a stable and complete good.
thank you very much

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Actually, I did not find optimal to set you up. in
you are getting .....
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Hi, we close this topic because I have plenty of time and the information it contains may not be accurate, if you lack sentite free to open a new one in the corresponding zone.
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