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I would like to use my android phone as a USB modem, how to configure settings?

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First connect the Android Phone to the PC with a USB cable and apply these : 


USB Modem




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1-Head to the Android Market on your phone. Use the search function and enter the following: "PdaNet" (without the quotes). Open the application PdaNet 3.02 - this is the latest version of the date of publication of this article - and download and install on your phone. 
2 -PdaNet installed on your PC or Mac Go to JuneFabrics.com, select the operating system of your computer. Download and install the program and then restart the computer when the installation is complete and you are instructed to do. Once you have restarted you will see the PdaNet icon on your computer. 
3 -"Connect" your Android to your computer via USB cable. 
4 -Open PdaNet on your Android and press "Enable USB connection" to allow the cell to act as a modem for your computer. 
5 -Click the PdaNet icon on your computer and select "Connect". This will allow you to access the Internet via the phone. The icon will flash for a few seconds and then turn blue. You are connected to the Internet.
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