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Good day, recently purchased a Nokia Lumia 610, all is well with him until yesterday I was browsing the internet and suddenly locked when going to the option "tabs" I did not go any even though I knew I had two open, closed the application and hence no longer reopened, when I click on the internet icon ago as if it were to open but it returns to the menu windows phone boxes, ah someone already happened? know how is the solution? thank you very much in advance: D

internet explorer not opening nokia lumia 710

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Quisas sound silly, but have you tried taking away the battery? 
and then back on again?
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safa Thanks, yes, I try several times but every time I put the battery and light it continues with the same, single pulse makes the icon as if it were open but I return to the menu: (
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why not try to do a hard reset, obviously lose all your data but I think that this was resolved. 
Config ---> Information ---> reboot your phone. 
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I have exactly the same problem, only my tel is a LG E900, internet explorer and all browsers I tested ....... hard reset, so typical battery out and a thousand things and nothing, in my case the problem came when actualize the terminal.
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Exact hallowen apparently is the update from zune tried restoring the last update and internet explorer returned to work ...
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As you restore a state anteriror because I still have that problem.
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Connect your phone to your pc and open zune, within the program you are going to Settings> Update and after checking that there are no new updates to bottom puts you the option to restore, we should clarify that whenever restores you delete applications documents and a few more things you did after updating the phone, so if you can make backup or backup files, the better!
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Try to do a soft reset your phone and reset the date and time settings.

To make the soft reset, press and hold down the power buttons and volume down until it is restarted.

I hope you and help

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