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How to Fix Error com.android.phone has stopped

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We will show some options to solve the fault has stopped com.android.phone process. A number of them leaves this decision after updating the version of its Android operating method. The message shows too and it is imperative that you have to be closing every two or three seconds to invent something. A continuity potential solutions:

Change the APN settings manually

Go to Settings> Wireless> Mobile networks. Lower the bar alerts with two fingers and turn on airplane mode. Deletes all APNs and develops belonging to your carrier. Might this link view the APN settings of any operator in the world.


Change the APN settings with an application

If the above procedure seems complicated you through this application could you enter and update APN settings with the device in airplane mode. Active airplane mode for you and activates the fault after the WiFi stop emerge to download and install the application. When open, you can enter the APN settings, delete and invent APN for your operator as we show in the previous section.

Airplane mode disables to check the error disappeared.

Clear the cache of documents Phone app

If none of the preliminary options you worked it's time to try another. Go to Settings> Applications and select the All tab. Scroll down until you see the "Phone" application (or a similar name). Click on it and then select "Clear Cache". If the dilemma persists, repeat steps and also select "Delete Data". Restart the device to verify that the changes took effect.

Clear cache documents and  SIM Toolkit

Repeat the steps above, but instead of the Phone app, you'll do with the "SIM Toolkit" application.

Restore factory settings

If none of the above worked, have no other to reset the device to its factory settings. Save your images and other documents that interest on your computer before proceeding. After proceed with this restoration, you need to return to lower your applications.

Go to Settings> Privacy> Factory Reset. With this, the problem has stopped com.android.phone process itself should be gone.

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