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How to block a contact on WhatsApp?

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One of the advantages of Whatsapp and also has made application users to quickly climb on, it is that it automatically detects your contacts have WhatsApp agenda. Of course, if the other person has your number is the same. But what if we block any contact.


Is very well look at the schedule and say, look, fulanito has Whatsapp, but sometimes we do not have the number of someone and that person, if you have our number and we know if we Whatsapp.

So far I have not had to block anyone, but with the rise of these applications, we may have to make use of it, as we have done with the calls above.

To block a contact, you must enter Whatsapp and choose the contact as if we were talking to him. Then pulsáis the menu button and you will the picture above.

The following is entering more and as you see in the picture, and gives us the option to lock. Lock it and if we go to the list of contacts, we will in light gray.

Whatsapp makes available a menu, which can manage blocked contacts, add new or remove the blockage.

We entered Whatsapp and give the menu button. Click on settings and contacts. Inside we see that the second option is blocked contacts, we enter and see the image above. Here is the list of blocked, we can add new or remove the blockage.

As you have found, it is a fairly simple tool, but we can be very useful, if someone is bothering us or simply do not want that person to speak to us.

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