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How to do a hard reset on the Galaxy S7?


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    The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a relatively new mobile but sometimes there are problems with mobile and need to make a soft reset or factory reset . As many of you know is not the same reset the phone via the Settings to make a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S7 . As for the nomenclature you can be called hard reset or factory reset because it is the proper factory reset, which could before activating the FRP use either to use a lost or stolen mobile.

    The hard reset can be done at any time, without knowing the password of the device. Of course, if you do a hard reset terminal you know that you ask for the password from the previous Google Account used on it (if there was any) thanks to the FRP. Here's how to avoid or off Factory Reset Protection.

    Reset Galaxy S7

    How to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S7?


    If the mobile is you have been blocked here's how tounlock the Galaxy S7 does not respond because this phone not you can remove the battery. Once this is done, the phone off, we are going to tell you how to access the recovery , this is the first step to do a hard reset.


    • With the phone off press the key Home + Power + Volume Up until the mobile enter the recovery menu (before attempting to install an update that will not install and then the menu will appear recovery). Just as the blue screen appears and you can release the buttons.
    • Once the recovery will see different options, in this case to do a hard reset correctly will serve as the volume buttons to move up and down and the power button to accept.
    • We click on Wipe cache partition and then within this option will give Yes.
    • Once we have done this back to the recovery menu and we click on the option Wipe data / factory reset and this willcompletely eliminate all terminal data (except those that may be on the microSD card). If the card is configured as extended storage could damage it , in this case it is best to first remove all data from it.

    WARNING : The factory reset will erase all data from your terminal , if you proceed you should know that there will be no way to recover and less if the phone was encrypted. Before making a hard reset it is advisable to make a backup, you can help by Samsung Smart Switch (available for Windows and OS X).

    Once you've done the factory reset you only have to choose the option to shutdown or restart and back on the phone. It will start again as if for the first time will use it but remember that you could jump and remove the FRP is vital. If you are the owners of mobile only you have to loguearos with a previous account .

    Reset Galaxy S7

    How to factory reset the Galaxy S7?

    The above method is forced method, especially for people who have forgotten the lock pattern (for example) and is not able to enter the mobile. Sometimes after many attempts Mobile lets you log in with your Google Account but not all versions and all phones allow this option.

    If you have access to mobile and have problems with the Samsung Galaxy S7 , it is sometimes advisable to restore factory the device but that can do it in a much simpler way, remember that like the hard reset this option will delete all data your phone and it is advisable to make a backup.

    • Enter Settings - Backup and Restore - Factory Reset . Once inside you will show all accounts and services with the device and you have to click on Reset device to eliminate everything that is in it.

    The factory reset usually solves problems with battery

    Nothing will be left, or accounts or photos from memory or anything. Remember that these steps are often carried out following problems that apparently have no solution and are not related to the hardware or when we sell our mobile to another buyer and do not want to have access to our information. The process is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 Edge Galaxy, Galaxy S6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge and even the Galaxy Note 5 to the next Samsung Galaxy Note 6. In this process usually does not vary from year to year.

    If you have doubts with the soft reset, hard reset or factory reset can make a comment on the article and we will respond as soon as possible, hope I have helped you .

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