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How to deactivate the Factory Reset Protection in Android?

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When we lose a mobile the feeling is not very nice, however, less pleasant is this feeling when we know that losing mobile find anyone who will be able to use it without problems resete├índolo .

Now, to combat this and that people return mobile found (because if you find it and do not serve perhaps you would think) Android added the Factory Reset Protection in Android 5.0 Lollipop . Basically the Factory Reset Protection all it does is that when a person makes a Factory Reset, if the mobile had an associated Google Account, you can not log on unless you put the account and password account that was previously used in the mobile.

How to deactivate the Factory Reset Protection in Android?

If you decide to sell a second - hand mobile may FRP is a problem and for that you know how to eliminate it . If you do a factory reset Factory Reset Protection will continue tooperate equally so will not help.


The Factory Reset Protection is automatically activated when you associate a Google account to your session Android and to remove it you have to follow a few simple steps but many people will forget and then when you go to sell your phone second - hand encounters that the person to whom it has sold need the password to login. To remove itwe have to do is erase our Google accounts device and do a factory reset.


  • You will delete Google accounts in Settings - Accounts .
  • It is also advisable to remove the lock screen just in case.

Once you've done this to reset the mobile factory and will not ask the Android account you previously used to log in and the buyer or new mobile user will have no trouble using it. Now, make sure it has removed pulling back the phone to see if it lets you put a new Google account without putting the above.

It will be ready. As you can see is very easy to remove this protection from the factory but if you forget can be a real nuisance, especially if you make a deal in hand.

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