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How can I delete remaining temporary files that won't budge? I have about 150MB of temporary files that just won't delete. I even put a14GB sd card and moved all of my apps that would move, LOTS of them!!

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How remove unnecessary files on a Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8

Many electronic devices require periodic maintenance to remove files that are generated in the system. This problem usually affects mostly computers, but now smartphones are like small computers and are not spared from this problem. Continued use causes the appearance of a lot of unnecessary files that are stored in the memory of our smartphone and, of course, take up space. When a device, either a computer or a smartphone, run out of free space we run the risk that there are other problems but above all we notice that the system is very slow and any normal task costs much more. Therefore it is very important to remove all data that do not need and keep the memory with enough free space to make the system work smoothly. The downside of these unnecessary files, or "Junk Data" as they are known in the jargon of informático- little world is that we are not able to see them in the memory of our phones and delete them is not always easy. The Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 can perform this action easily thanks to the free application Shrink Storage.


A curious detail about unnecessary arhivos of the Nokia Lumia is that it can not be erased unless memory is completely full. When we reached the limit a message that invites us to clear the memory but until then there is no option to do so appears. What it does is simulate Shrink Storage memory is completely filled in order to carry out the cleaning process in the terminal.

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As mentioned, the application is free and available for all Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8. After installing you must follow the steps that marks to erase the data. First you have to press sobe Phone Storage Fill to simulate the memory is full and so could erase the surplus, so to speak. When you finish filling a confirmation notice will appear, until then have to wait for it to complete. The following is restart the phone for the process to work properly, turn off the cell phone and back on. Again launch the application and then click on Clean Phone Storage at this point will begin to eliminate unnecessary information, the process may take a few minutes so be patient and do not touch anything until the end.

When a notice where the approximate amount of eliminated on data appears finished appears, can be erased if a large amount (eg Gb) or it may be that there is no leftover data. The developer recommends repeating the process several times as it is possible that the first does not detect all unnecessary information, so we ensure we have eliminated all and there is nothing that could interfere with the proper functioning of our Nokia Lumia.
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