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how to hard reset iphone 6

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For everyone, including users of other platforms, it is well known that the current iPhone in the mobile phone market is the most stable, even if it costs some recognize it. In large part this is due to the excellent relationship between iOS and the iPhone, both developed by Apple, of course. However, this does not relieve specific problems in stability that may have.


The iPhone 6 also need the restart

All users of iOS knows he has great stability and appreciated, but occasionally tend to feel the heavy and device a little slow, and that is not pleasant for anyone. If you feel that your iPhone 6 works improperly, luckily there are methods to solve it and take things into place. As proposed by Apple is making a Hard Reset or Soft Reset. By these methods you do not lose any information and not to restore factory, so now you can breathe easy.

Soft Reset

Most likely you already know what it is, though not by name. To explain in a simple and common way is to power cycle the phone. How can you do? Simple, leaving pressed iPhone sleep button for about 5 seconds until a sliding bar that says "Off", only slide and mobile off appears. To turn it back on, leave the rest button pressed until Apple apple that appears. If you do not know where is located the sleep button no problem, the iPhone 6 is on the right side of the mobile, in any previous iPhone is on the top right. With these steps and your iPhone will be ready and will be released RAM and will be closed all the processes that have been improperly closed.

Hard Reset

Hard Reset yes you can say that is somewhat less known that the Soft Reset. What is the technique to follow in this step? Like most things Apple develops, it is also a technique without any degree of complexity. This is very useful if an application does not respond. To apply, you just have to take down the Home button and the sleep button until the screen is black, but do not panic, it's just doing the restart immediately after apple appears and you can breathe calmer, because it means which it is already on. In theory, the trick catch this method may find it even easier than before.

It is a method that Apple recommends and absolutely not lose anything or adjustments or applications.

  • Factory Restore, words that many do not want to hear. This is the procedure to follow if there are still problems, but it is normal that any of the above methods is already working better. Should you decide to restore the factory there's something you have to be clear, make a backup before proceeding with the process, if you do not want to miss anything. This method is not complicated, you just have to go to iTunes with the iPhone connected and on the summary screen, press the "Restore" option and then confirm. From there iTunes does its job and within minutes have your iPhone as fresh out of the box. It is advisable to try the first two methods and if none of these works, is as restore option.

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