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How to set a data usage limit on Android

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Some options included in the Android operating system are not well known to users who do not have extensive knowledge of the operating system of Google. Thus, sometimes resort to using third - party applications that are not necessary since these can be managed smoothly with what is offered in the development of the company of Mountain View. One of these is to establish a limit of consumption data .

For this reason we will provide a basic tutorial for setting a limit of consumption data and, therefore, always about not consume all included in the rate you have hired are certain and, therefore, you can rest assured that no additional expenses or, failing that , to occur at the speed at which you sail is lowered. And all this with a few simple steps within the operating system itself.

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In addition, everything that is established does not compromise the integrity of the phone or Android tablet in question, because on one side does not manage any of the essential parameters of the device and, therefore, it is always possible to reverse indicated using the same procedure (but in the "sense" opposite).

simple steps

The vast majority of current terminals include an Android version that offers the option of setting a limit of consumption data (version 4.4.2 or higher). And besides, you can also manage the length of time for this (eg one month), to be much more prices as provided. By the way, there is also a graph, which offers the possibility to see the trend of consumption depending on the day and thus know when it has been usual parameters or has made ​​an "excess".

Mobile data in Android OS

What you have to do is what listed below and remember, without installing apply some on your phone or tablet:

  • Acede to System Settings, for what can resort to the appropriate application or icon in the notification bar shaped gear
  • Once this is done in Section Network Connections, find an option called Using data and click on it
  • Now you will see the central figure and the options available, which are not defined at the moment (although activation of mobile data be made, as they are used). Click on Set mobile data limit and OK in the message that appears
  • Now just below lets you set the time period in which the data will be (the possibility Change cycle is the most appropriate, as this can adjust to that offered by your rate).
  • That done, now have to move the lines on the graph where the black is providing a consumer notice and orange (or red), which sets the limit on and off mobile data if exceeded. In the picture you can see a good example for tarida 2GB.

Set mobile data limit gives Android

That done, you already have everything perfectly set up and, if desired, can see the consumer carry at all times instead of accessing the Settings where you set the limits.

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