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How to fix android stuck on boot?

How to Fix a Problem bootloop on your Android device

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Fixing bootloop with the Stock Recovery:
You can use the recovery of the population is supplied with the device to exit a bootloop.Aunque problem is no guarantee that the problem will be solved, is what you can do in the situation you are in right now.
Before doing this, make sure your device is turned off.
1. Start mode device Android Stock Recovery.Para it is necessary to hold down a key combination that will take recuperación.La mode key combination varies with each maker out there, so you have to find the it is for your device.
In most Samsung devices, you can hold down the buttons "Volume Up + Home + Power" simultaneously, and the device will reboot into recovery mode.
2. Once in recovery mode, select the option that says "delete data or reset / Factory." It will factory reset your dispositivo.Haga click "Yes" when prompted to confirm the action.
3. Reboot the device once it has been restored.
You can now check to see if your device starts in mode normal.Si do, your problem is resuelto.Si do not, you can try another method below.
Fixing bootloop with custom recovery
If you blinked a custom recovery on your device, you can still solve the problem bootloop.Sólo have to follow these two steps below and you should be all set.
1. Connect your device in recovery mode personalizado.Como mentioned above, it is necessary to find the appropriate hot key combination for your device to enter recovery mode.
2. Once in recovery mode, select "Wipe Data / Factory Reset" .Será factory reset your dispositivo.Si is asked to confirm the action, simply click "Yes".
3. Now "Advanced" menu, select the recovery and select "Wipe Dalvik Cache." Select "Yes" when prompted to confirm the action.
4. Head to "Mount and Storage" and select "format / data" and the options "format / cache" .It deletes device data and cache files.
5. You're all done.

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