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With the recent digital cameras, the weight of pictures quickly becomes problematic: 8, 16 or 32 MB for a photo!

If you want to put your photos on the Internet, send them by email or place them on a digital frame not need as much data! Download and install IrfanView.

IrfanView is a small free program and able to read, edit, and convert dozens of graphics file formats. It is specially designed for photo management. It is especially intended for the beginner in the field, but has all the tools it takes to do the work of a professional.



It allows, among others, open the following file formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

It is also a video player and an audio player capable of playing more than a dozen video and audio formats. Regarding the video and audio files, Flash recognizes, OGG, MPEG and MP3, among others.

The IrfanView software will allow you to reduce batch weight of your photos up to 90%while minimizing the loss of quality. Not surprisingly, his secret lies in the use of a compression algorithm optimized for this type 'exercise.

How to reduce the weight of a photo with IrfanView?

IrfanView Open the program and click File -> Batch Conversation / Rename then select Batchconversion.

Choose where photos are found to deal with. Add the images you want to reduce by clicking Add "or" Add All "("  Add "or" Add all  "in English).


Finally click the button Star Batch bottom. A new window opens to indicate the progress of the operation and warnings or errors.

You can do the same with the JPEG Express. Attention especially not name the pictures the same way as the original, you might crush your precious photos in high resolution.

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Reduce the weight of an image on photoshop 

To avoid weight problem images directly mostly recent pictures of devices outputs, so you can send them by mail or put them on the internet, you have to reduce their size.

By double-clicking on the tool lens, the image is displayed at 100%. The fact that it allows us the great edit and / or print in good quality but to send that is not useful and compelling.

To resize my image, I double-click on the tool hand that allows me to display it to the screen size that best suits me to send it over the Internet.

In this case; the image is 23% of its normal size so the idea is to reduce that percentage up.

Go to the "Image" menu and then "Image Size" or alt + ctrl + alt on PC or i + apple + i on Mac and a new window will open.

In the dimensions of my image I change the percentage of pixels by unfolding the tab. Be careful to maintain proportions. Also make sure that I'm "bicubic sharper" for a better reduction (see the bottom of the window in the folder menu). Then press OK.

The image is now 23% of its size. I double click on the magnifying glass or hand tool to display it full screen.

Go then to "File" then "Save for web and devices". Check "Convert to RGB". Set the quality of JPEG, around 80, that's good. Save, type the name and choose the destination.

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