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Is there any way to recover deleted photos from HTC phone?

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Coolmuster Data Recovery could help you recover lost htc phone photos, music and videos easily, if you lost your love photos by accident, just have a try!

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iSync my app is a free app available on Google Play Store. It's a very convenient tool to recover undeleted files such as text messages, photos, contacts. Download and install the App, then let it scan you phone. After that, it will list all the files for recovery.

However, if the files being deleted before installing the app, then it can do nothing in this situation. So here is another way around by using Android Data Recovery app. The whole process is much simple; Install the software and connect your HTC phone; Then let the program scan your disk, it will list all recoverable files. Finally, select the photos you'd like to recover. (Source: Recover deleted photos on HTC phone)

It supports a wide range of Android phones and tablet. It works the same for other Android devices. 

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Why not download an recovery tool,  which sure can help you find them back. How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC Phone?

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Check out whether there is a backup file, if not, you can use a recovery tool to recover the lost htc data.

Try android data recovery tool, which is helpful for android photo recovery, and many other data like sms, contacts, memos.
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The unexpected always happens, like you mistakenly delete some lovely photos or even worse the whole album about the last fantastic vocation.

Actually, when you deleted the photos from Android, they were not really gone. They just marked as useless and could be overwritten by new data. So if you want to get them back and have a higher rate of recovery, just stop using your phone.

If you prefer one simple and safe way to recover deleted photos from Android phone, then Fonedog for Android can be your first choice. It can help you find and recover deleted photos on an Android phone without effort. Here are some steps as follow.

Step1: Download and Run Fonedog.

Step2: Select files to start scan.

Step3: Retrieve deleted photos from HTC.

More Info: How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC

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Try Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android to help you recover deleted htc photos. With its help, the deleted photos can be easily scanned out and recovered to pc.
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