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I have a problem with the iphone 3g my brother, is that after "hacktivarlo" to not work the wifi iphone, will reboot and is stuck in the apple hanging and 3 days, I tried to put it in DFU and nothing, keep down the home + power for more than 20 seconds and nothing, and I tried pressing the home button more than 2 minutes with the current start and nothing. 
Have you become brick? 
Do you throw? 
PD: safe mode / safe mode because I can not shut up this morning and I have lost the buttons up and down volume 
PDD: not detected neither my pc or my mac or any computer 
Thanks and greeting coordial

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If you fell and missing buttons up, most commonly, the inside something wrong and you can not do much .. You should see someone who knows hardware
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Hello, hardware failure is not, I was going to fall before me, not detected or the pc or itunes. 
the problem started when I restored adjustments instead of itunes, could that be the problem? 
esq watch all forums and pages on different days can not find the solution. 
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If you have restored and jailbreak settings and it is normal to stay hung to restore from iTunes will have to repair the buttons to put it in dfu and thus detects iTunes
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Hi, thanks for the detail, I thought that I screwed lol entomces jailbreak is failure, 
the power and home buttons go well, the only thing is the up and down volunen I read on forums and were needed. 
affect the volume? 
And thank you very much for your attention
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