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Apple Watch: solution to the most common hardware problems

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Digital Corona is stuck or hard

 This is one of the most complex problems because the Digital Corona is the primary means of interaction with Apple Watch. If your Apple Watch Digital Crown has trouble moving or very hard, in the Apple Store's Genius will give you the following tips:

  •   Apple Watch off and remove the charger.
  •   If you have a leather strap remove it.
  •   Press the Digital Corona wear the watch while under a faucet for 10 to 15 seconds and turning looks.
  • Do not use soap or other cleaning products Digital Press and turn the crown continuously while the water falls.
  • Dry the Apple Watch carefully.
The strap is released
  If Apple Watch belt does not fit properly then you have to change it, usually this problem is that Apple patented mechanism is not working properly. Change the belts and if the problem persists device requests a change in Apple store nearest store.

Sensors and tattoos

It is known that intelligent sensors Apple Watch clock do not work properly in the presence of tattoos on the wrist area. Currently there is no solution for this problem. From Apple Apple Watch recommend using the arm in an area where there is no tattooed skin.

Reading problems would arise in the interference generated by the ink tattoos, as well as differences in skin depth after undergoing each tattoo designs. These are, so far, the most common problems that have been published in different forums and websites on Apple Watch. Users have their complications and problems using Apple Watch and from Apple try to respond quickly with alternatives to solve every problem in particular.

Surely in future versions of Apple Watch are taken into account to fix these problems directly before manufacture, but for now the first generation Apple Watch has these failures and you have to live with them.

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